Welcome! I'm Bron, an avid explorer of digital technology and its potential to enrich our lives. Today's exciting era offers countless opportunities to advance our careers, from scaling corporate heights to embracing entrepreneurship or even enjoying a leisurely lifestyle. My website aims to be a valuable resource in supporting you on your journey towards success.♡


Nice to Meet You!

We are fortunate to be living in a transformative era where technology empowers us to chase our dreams.

Here, I chronicle my journey through this ever-changing terrain, sharing insights and discoveries along the way.

In my role as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Tasmania, Australia, I teach and research freelancing, small business, entrepreneurship, and applied artificial intelligence. Additionally, I offer training and development workshops for the Higher Education sector.

Academic Career Overview

Explore my academic qualifications, publications, conference presentations, and more.

  • PhD Entrepreneurship (cross-disciplinary, qualitative and quantitative research)
  • Masters Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Graduate Certificate Learning & Teaching (Higher Education)

I hold a PhD in cross-disciplinary research on health and well-being in entrepreneurs, a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and a Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. Before academia, I ran a successful creative training business operating nationally across Australia. I grew the business and sold it to focus on a life in academia. Although none of my business experiences come with a university stamp, they were an education!

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