Best Jetboil for Camping in 2022

The world of van life can be an unpredictable one. You never know when your next meal or good coffee will come along, so it’s important to always have some way of making sure you’re set!

For that reason, I purchased a Jetboil for my van life adventure, and it’s quickly become the most used gadget in my van.

What is a Jetboil and where can I get one?

Jetboil is a fuel-efficient all-in-one cooking system that uses a gas canister to boil everything from ramen noodles to dehydrated meals.

I primarily use my Jetboil for boiling water.

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Boiling water is one of the most basic tasks for any camper, yet it can be such an annoying process if you don’t have access to anything but your trusty traditional stove. Fortunately, with the Jetboil, you’ll never have another problem again! 

The Jetboil cooking system is perfect for those times when you need to quickly boil water. It takes just 100 seconds!

As a regular user of the Jetboil system, in this article, I want to share with you what I’ve learnt about the product to help you make the right decision when purchasing a Jetboil for yourself.

Photo by Rachel Brenner on Unsplash

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What is the best Jetboil?

Want to jump to my best Jetboil pick?

Deciding on the best Jetboil depends on what you want to use it for.

For those in Australia who want to pick up a Jetboil from your local camping store, we’re slightly limited here in the range that’s available to collect in person at your everyday physical camping retail store.

Typically, in Australia you’ll have no problem finding the Jetboil FLASH, Jetboil ZIP, Jetboil SUMO, AND the Jetboil STASH Hike Stove Set models, but you might need to order online for some of the other models.

An overview of each of the Jetboil models is provided below.

Jetboil models

Jetboil STASH

  • Feed Type: unregulated | gas
  • Volume: 0.8 litre
  • Weight: 200g
  • Boils water in: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Jetboil FLASH Camo

  • Feed Type: unregulated | gas
  • Volume: 1 litre
  • Weight: 371g
  • Boils water in: 100 seconds

Jetboil ZIP

  • Feed Type: unregulated | gas
  • Volume: 0.8 litre
  • Weight: 340g
  • Boil time: 2 minutes 30 seconds


  • Feed Type: regulated | gas
  • Volume: open platform
  • Weight: 95g
  • Boil time: 3 minutes


  • Feed Type: regulated | gas
  • Volume: 0.8 litre
  • Weight: 340g
  • Boil time: 2 minutes 15 seconds

Jetboil MINIMO

  • Feed Type: regulated | gas
  • Volume: 1 litre
  • Weight: 415g
  • Boil time: 2 minutes 15 seconds

Jetboil SUMO

  • Feed Type: regulated | gas
  • Volume: 1.8 litre
  • Weight: 453g
  • Boil time: 4 minutes 15 seconds


  • Feed Type: regulated | propane
  • Volume: open platform
  • Weight: 4.1kg
  • Boil time: 3 minutes 15 seconds

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Jetboil LUNA

  • Feed Type: regulated | propane
  • Volume: open platform
  • Weight: 192g
  • Boil time: 2 minutes 15 seconds

What fuel type does the Jetboil use?

The Jetboil cooking system uses an isobutane/propane fuel mixture, which you can purchase in the form of fuel canisters that screw onto the Jetboil system. In Australia, at a camping store, staff will typically refer to these as ‘screw-on butance cartridges’ (an FYI for those of you travelling to Australia for your van life trip).

Fuel canister options

If you’re doing a long-haul journey across Australia, it’s good to have a spare (or two) fuel canister stashed away.

Jetboil has its own brand of fuel canister, called Jetboil Jetpower Fuel.

But there are alternatives, such as the Companion Pro Fuel Screw On Butane Cartridge.

In my experience, the alternative brands work just as well as the original Jetboil, but ask at your local store for staff recommendations.

Where can you buy Jetboil fuel in Australia?

Since purchasing my van and taking to the road to explore Australia, I’ve begun noticing that fuel canisters are available all over the place. Funny, as I’d never noticed them before entering this lifestyle.

Your major camping stores in Australia, such as BCF or Anaconda (which are like an Australian version of REI) should be well-stocked with fuel supplies.

As you’re travelling around Australia, and run out of fuel, you can typically find canisters at the following locations:

  • Hardware stores
  • Local supermarkets
  • Travel stores (BCF or Anaconda)
  • I’ve even spotted them at some newsagents in tourist towns!

Do you need matches or a lighter to ignite your Jetboil?

No. The Jetboil stove system uses a self-igniting system.

No lighter or matches are required!

The self-igniting system is simply a reliable pushbutton igniter. With a twist and a click and you’re literally cooking with gas.

It’s super easy to use. I admit I was a little afraid of using it at first, but now it’s second nature.

Do Jetboil stoves have a temperature control function?

The answer is ‘kind of’. The temperature control function is determined by how much you turn the wire handle on the side of the Jetboil. Clockwise or anti-clockwise will control the gas flow.

I like to start my coffee quickly, so I turn the Jetboil up all the way. It’s either all the way on or off. That’s how I work too.

I’m not sure if my quest to heat water quickly is the best approach, but it is efficient. The fuel canisters last a while, and the fuel canister is relatively inexpensive.

If you want to do some fuel regulator tests, I’d love to know if there’s an optimum setting for maximising the fuel canister lifetime. Let me know and I’ll update this blog post to share the knowledge.

How do I know how much water to boil?

Measuring out your water consumption doesn’t need to be based on guesswork – don’t waste a drop of precious liquid!

I have a quick hack for saving precious drops of water, which is a finite resource when you’re travelling across vast distances in Australia and not sure when you’ll get a chance to fill up your water tanks again.

  1. Select the cup you’re going to use to drink your coffee out of
  2. Fill the cup with water (just a little bit more than you’ll want in the final cup of coffee)
  3. Pour the water from that cup into your Jetboil pot
  4. Turn on the burner and boil the water
  5. Once it boils you’ll have the perfect amount, and no more, for your coffee!

If you use that method you’ll never waste a drop of water.

While the Jetboil is taking time to boil (I am still amazed at how quick it is!) you can start preparing coffee. I promise to write another blog post soon about my coffee press setup.

Who is Jetboil designed for?

  • Car campers (please don’t use the Jetboil inside your car!)
  • Van Lifers #Vanlife – I use it on my kitchen bench in the van, but please read the instructions and make your own call on this. I always sit it on top of my induction cooktop when using it.
  • Camping enthusiasts – take it on your next camping trip (see the lightweight hiking model)
  • Anyone searching for the perfect gift for their camping enthusiast sibling, friend, partner or offspring!

Cooking with Jetboil

I’ll have to admit that the first time I tried to cook with my Jetboil, I ended up creating a volcanic minestrone soup situation which resulted in soup being splattering all over the beautiful white walls of my van. Not the best experience. But for some context, I think this has more to do with my cooking ability than with the Jetboil system per se. given that I consider making a toasted cheese sandwich an accomplishment.

Since my soup accident, I’ve stayed away from using the Jetboil to cook food. Instead, my Jetboil is used 100% of the time to boil water.

As a stove system, Jetboil cooking systems can be a lightweight alternative to other camping stove systems. But, I still use a traditional camping stove for making meals or my induction cooktop. 

What are compatible Jetboil accessories?

Jetboil makes a range of accessories to go with their cooking system range. Here are just some examples of what’s available:

Jetboil Grande Coffee press

The Jetboil Grande Coffee Press is promoted as an easy-to-use coffee press that attaches to the burner of your Jetboil stove system. It’s perfect for making fresh coffee while camping, and makes a great way to start your day. I’m an old school girl who prefers to use a drip filter, but I’d be willing to give this product a go in order to cut down on the number of accessories I need to keep in the van – space is at a premium!

Hanging kit

The Jetboil hanging kit is an accessory that allows you to suspend your Jetboil cooking system from a tree or other vertical surface. The hanging kit includes a strap, carabiner and hook. The strap can be attached to the cooking pot of the Jetboil system, while the carabiner can be attached toOL cooking pot. The carabiner has a hook that can be used to suspend the Jetboil system from a tree or other vertical surface.

The hanging kit is a useful accessory if you want to save space on your camping table or bench, or if you want to be able to cook while suspended in mid-air! (It’s not on my list of van life essentials, but it does sound like fun!)


The Jetboil skillet is a great accessory to have if you’re looking to cook up a meal while camping. The skillet is made from a durable anodized aluminum, and it has a non-stick surface that makes it easy to clean. The skillet also comes with a folding handle, which makes it easy to pack away.


Jetboil makes a range of utensils that are designed to work with their cooking systems. Their set includes a spoon, fork, and knife, all of which are made from durable anodized aluminum. The Jetboil tongs are made from durable anodized aluminum, and they have a non-slip grip. The tongs are also heat-resistant, so you can use them to cook with your Jetboil pot.

Is Jetboil safe to use indoors?

Public Announcement: Don’t use your Jetboil inside your tent!

Use your common sense… and never leave a flame unattended!!

The Jetboil is not recommended for indoor use as it produces carbon monoxide (CO) when used.

I have a carbon monoxide detector fitted in my van to warn me of potential dangers. So far, so good!

Is Jetboil the ultimate camping accessory?

Is Jetboil worth it? Is it the ultimate camping stove?

I like to think that it’s the ultimate way to boil water when you’re out in the backcountry. I use mine countless times a day and honestly couldn’t do van life without it.

How much does Jetboil cost?

My top pick for Jetboil options is the Jetboil SUMO. And at the time of writing, in Australia, it costs:

The price of a Jetboil is pretty consistent across the major camping retailers in Australia. It’s a bit of an investment, but given how many times I’ve used it so far in my van life journey I feel like it’s worth every penny.

However, before you add a Jetboil to your shopping cart and checkout, keep in mind that they are also sometimes available on the secondhand market, so don’t forget to search your local area (e.g. on Gumtree) and work towards prioritising recycling and reuse over seeking out new product purchases.

Who is the Brand Jetboil?

Whenever I make a consumer purchase, in the back of my mind I’m always considering the type of company I’m purchasing from. This led me to ask myself… is the brand Jetboil a brand that I want to be funnelling my money to?

I discovered that Jetboil is a member of the Johnson Outdoors family. And part of their mission is to take care of the wild places that we, as outdoor adventurers, cherish. The Johnson Outdoors family tries to make a positive impact in the world through hosting trail cleanups, but beyond that, I struggled to find any information on their website which would point to sustainable manufacturing or giving back to the community. If I’ve missed it and you know more about the positive impact they are having in the world, please let me know so I can update this blog post and give them credit where it’s due.

My Jetboil best pick

And the winner is…

Hands down, my recommendation for the best Jetboil for #vanlife is the Jetboil SUMO.

Jetboil SUMO overview: The SUMO holds 1.8 litres of water, weighs 453g and has a boil time of 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

But wait… I thought you said it could boil water in 100 seconds. It’s smaller cousin can, but I’ve actually found that 4 minutes is about the perfect amount of time for me to grind my coffee beans and set up my filter system, so the time works perfectly for my needs.

Why I love it

While the Jetboil SUMO is also a little bigger and heavier than its cousins (as a water boiling device), this allows me to not only make my daily coffees but to make up a flask of tea that I can drink through the day without the need to re-boil water and use precious fuel when on the road. You also can’t beat having boiling water in 100 seconds! Because I’m in a van I’m not going to be worrying about a few extra grams of weight.

And, that’s a wrap

In summary, the Jetboil cooking system has a super-fast boil time, it’s convenient to stow away in your van. Mostly, I use it for the blistering boil times, which I guess is why they named it Jet Boil.

Enjoy your coffee! 🙂

And if you’re looking for a solution that’s going to keep you warmer in your van this winter than just your coffee alone, check out our article about diesel heaters.

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