Welcome! I'm Bron, an avid explorer of digital technology and its potential to enrich our lives. Today's exciting era offers countless opportunities to advance our careers, from scaling corporate heights to embracing entrepreneurship or even enjoying a leisurely lifestyle. My website aims to be a valuable resource in supporting you on your journey towards success.♡

Bonus Content!

Thanks for unlocking the bonus content from my AI Prompts Phrasebook for Academic Writing. Below, you’ll find lots of resources to continue your journey with Artificial Intelligence.

ChatGPT to Advance Your Academic Career

These FREE resources are from a presentation I offer to Universities to help researchers and educators learn about using ChatGPT to advance academic careers. The presentation can be delivered online (~60 minutes) or in an extended version as a half-day workshop for your university.

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So Many AI Tools!!!

Throughout my journey using AI, I’ve been collecting a ‘master list’ of my favourite AI tools. Explore the collection on my online Miro board.

If you’ve got recommendations for tools I should add, please send me recommendations through my Contact page 🙂

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‘ChatGPT for Educators’ Online Course

Learn how to use ChatGPT in your teaching practice. This FREE free online course takes ~30 minutes to complete and includes 17 modules to get you up and running with ChatGPT and use this amazing technology to build lesson plans, create rubrics, design assignments, and write case studies. It’s an absolute beginner’s guide to ChatGPT!

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