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The idea that you might need diesel heaters when caravanning or camping in Australia can seem a little strange. After all, our fair country is famous for its warm air and desert-like conditions.

When you get into nature, though, you soon discover that it is a different story. Temperatures can plummet at night and during the winter months, necessitating a source of warmth.

Diesel heaters are more than up to the task.

These helpful units help you stay warm even in poor conditions and sip fuel frugally, avoiding the need to continually top up, giving you more flexibility and letting you stay off-grid for longer periods.

How Caravan And Camping Diesel Heaters Work

Caravan and camping diesel heaters are relatively simple devices. The main unit is a cylindrical tube with heating elements inside. Two systems of pipes then connect to it: one for hot and cold air and another for combustion air intake and exhaust.

The diesel heater works by burning diesel from the fuel tank in a combustion chamber, using air derived from the combustion air intake. As the fuel burns, the unit heats up the surrounding elements, emitting waste gases from the exhaust pipe.

To heat a caravan (or another enclosed space), high-quality diesel heaters draw in cold air from the environment, pass it over the heating elements (usually with fan assistance) and then pump it through the hot air outlet, distributing it throughout the caravan’s ducting system. Warm air then fills the interior space, causing the temperature to rise.

The heating process continues until the temperature reaches the desired level. Devices can heat most caravans and motorhomes within a few minutes. Noise levels are low because of silencers, and most diesel heaters have quiet night-time operation, allowing users to operate them on busy campsites, without disturbing other guests.

Popular Diesel Heaters To Consider

There are many different types of diesel heaters available on the market. However, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your camper trailer or caravan. Therefore, in this section, we take a closer look at some of the most compelling options currently available.

Webasto Air Top 2000 STC

The Webasto Air Top 2000 STC is an independent heating device for anyone who likes to travel. Thanks to its continuous monitoring system, you can carefully regulate heat output, giving you a wide control range. What’s more, you can mount it on the outside of camper trailers, and caravans, or on the floor, making it more flexible than some of its competitors. The device features a temperature pre-set facility, quiet operation, and low fuel consumption, making it one of the best diesel heaters on the market.

Webasto Air Top Evo 40/55

The Webasto Air Top Evo 40/55 uses many of the same systems and components of the 2000 STC but has been designed with larger spaces in mind. As such, it is ideal for anyone who owns an RV, tiny home, or vehicle with a substantial interior volume.

As you might expect, the heating power of this diesel heater is significant. It also comes with fully electronic microprocessor control, allowing you to adjust pressure, power stage and heating times.

Snugger Remote SF2 Diesel Heater

The Snugger Remote SF2 diesel heater is easy to install on your vehicle. The kit includes a fuel tank, exhaust pipe, hot air duct and compact design.

If you want to install the heater yourself, you can. Simply buy the remote frame and diesel fuel tank and screw it into an appropriate mounting plate on your vehicle.

Webasto Dual Top Evo 6

The Webasto Dual Top Evo 6 combines both a water and air heater into a single device, providing your RV or caravan with both hot water and air year-round. The build quality is extremely high and the unit allows you to heat water or warm up the cabin as you drive.

As the name suggests, you can run the Dual Top Evo 6 on either diesel or electricity, making it extremely flexible. It also performs well at altitudes of up to 7,200 feet, making it suitable for virtually any mountain touring expedition in the country.

Dometic Eberspacher Airtronic D2

Lastly, if you are looking for a compact design air heater, then the Dometic Eberspacher Airtronic D2 could be the ideal companion. This small device is probably the best diesel heater on the market for people looking to save space. It offers quiet operation, making it good for long road trips, and it is also extremely efficient, helping to save on power and reduce your costs.

Why A Diesel Heater Is A Must-Have Accessory When Caravanning Or Camping In Australia

Here are some of the reasons why a diesel heater is a must-have accessory in Australia.

Diesel Heaters Don’t Require Specialist Installation

Most caravans use LPG heaters for warmth. Gas is clean-burning and units tend to have quiet operation.

However, getting a gas heater isn’t as easy as many people imagine. If you want one for your camper trailer or caravan, you’ll need to get a gas-certified professional to carry out the installation for you. Diesel heaters have no such requirements.

You can install a diesel heater yourself, but a professional is always good for peace of mind.

Diesel Heaters Don’t Require An Electricity Supply

The Dometic Ibis 3 Rooftop Air Conditioner is a reverse cycle air conditioner that provides both heating and cooling for your caravan. It’s flexible, economical and lets you change the heater power. But it’s useless unless you’re driving (charging it via the alternator), or you have access to a mains hookup.

Diesel heaters are different. They come with a large fuel tank that provides enough energy to keep your interior spaces heated all day and night. Plus, if you require extra fuel, you can always take more with you in a separate tank.

Are Diesel Heaters Safe?

Making diesel heaters safe is a top priority for diesel heating manufacturers. A specially designed fuel pump moves fuel from the diesel tank to the combustion chamber which then sets off a self-sustaining diesel reaction, keeping the exterior of the chamber warm. The risk of hazardous failure is virtually non-existent, even after long periods of operation.

An added bonus to getting a heater

Diesel Heaters Let You Pre-Warm Your RV, Camper Van, or Caravan!

Diesel heaters let you pre-warm your RV, camper van, or caravan!!!

One of the treats of getting a diesel heater installed is that it lets you pre-warm campers and motorhomes so that the temperature is acceptable for when you reach your destination. Now that’s what I call luxury 🙂

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