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Digital Downloads

Integrate Artificial Intelligence Into Your Classroom

Lesson Plan: Mastering Research Interviews using ChatGPT

Are you responsible for developing research skills in PhD and HDR students?

Mastering Research Interviews: AI-Powered Training for PhD Students is a cutting-edge lesson plan for delivering a 60-minute interactive workshop to help students build qualitative interviewing skills.

This lesson plan is designed for researcher development staff seeking to provide students with a unique and interactive training experience. Can also be used to deliver sessions for non-PhD students (aged 18+).

Key features:

  1. Engaging and Interactive: This lesson uses role-playing activities, group discussions, and ChatGPT’s AI-powered platform to create an engaging and interactive learning environment.
  2. Personalised Feedback: Students can receive immediate feedback from ChatGPT during practice sessions, helping them identify areas for improvement and refine their interviewing skills.
  3. Lesson Plan: The digital download includes a detailed 60-minute lesson plan with clear instructions, time stamps, and additional facilitator notes and tips to ensure a smooth and successful training session.

4-Week ChatGPT Prompts for Academic Researchers

ChatGPT Prompts for Academic Researchers

This PDF download is specifically designed to view on mobile phones, making it easy to access and reference on the go.

Each day, Monday to Friday (because weekends are, in theory, for rest), you’re provided with a prompt to stimulate your thinking, generate ideas, and help write up your academic research projects.


  • Week 1: 5 x ChatGPT prompts to identify research gaps
  • Week 2: 5 x ChatGPT prompts to generate research ideas
  • Week 3: 5 x ChatGPT prompts to craft research methods
  • Week 4: 5 x ChatGPT prompts to enhance academic writing

I hope this fun resource helps you explore new possibilities and expand your research horizons.