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BronEager.com is a blog with a mission to demystify the rapidly evolving world of artificial intelligence (AI) for people in the higher education sector. It serves as a hub for practical insights, sharing of cutting-edge tools, and actionable AI wisdom.

Our Readers

The BronEager.com blog and weekly newsletter ‘T3‘ are read by thousands across the globe, including educators, researchers, and AI enthusiasts.

Our readers value information that helps them quickly get up to speed with AI advancements, stay informed about what’s happening in AI + Higher Ed, understand complex topics in simple terms, and apply AI tools to solve real teaching and research problems.

If you’ve written a blog post that could benefit our readers, you’re invited to submit a guest blog post for consideration.


Before submitting a post for consideration, take a moment to review our guidelines to ensure your post aligns with our readers’ needs and the blog’s ethos:

  • Content Focus: Your post should share an AI tool (a review or ‘how-to’ style post) and/or provide insight into AI in the higher education sector, and/or be a practical guide that can help our readers. The aim is to inform, educate, and empower, not simply to self-reflect.
  • Length: The sweet spot for posts is between 1,000 to 2,000 words.
  • Style: Writing should be optimised for online viewing i.e., leave those lengthy academic sentences and paragraphs behind and aim for short sentences, dot points, links, and embrace headings. Readers should be able to skim your post and take away its key value.
  • Language: Write in plain English. Avoid technical jargon (or provide clear definitions).
  • Originality: Your submission must be original and not previously published elsewhere. You can use AI tools to copyedit your post.
  • Formatting: Structure your post with clear headings, subheadings, and bullet points or numbered lists where appropriate. This makes your post more accessible to readers.
  • Images: You can supply up to five high-resolution images in .jpg format to complement your post. Ensure you have the rights to use these images or that they are from a royalty-free source. Images may be AI-generated. Alt-text descriptions should be provided for each image. Supplied images will be featured throughout the post while the banner image will be designed by the Bron Eager team, in keeping with the style of the website. In your blog post submission document, indicate where you would like images to be placed in your post (e.g., ‘Insert image 1 here’) and label image files accordingly. We also accept posts without images, but image inclusion is encouraged.
  • Post Edits: To maintain consistency across the blog, very light copyediting and formatting may occur. If you wish to review edits before publication, please indicate this at the top of your blog post submission document. Submitting a post does not guarantee publication.
  • Republishing Your Post: We encourage authors to share their published posts across their networks to maximise reach and impact. If you wish to republish your post on other platforms or your blog, we kindly ask that you wait two weeks after the original publication date on Broneager.com. This helps us maintain the uniqueness of our content for a short period. When republishing, please include a statement at the beginning of your post indicating that it was first published on Broneager.com, with a hyperlink back to the original post. For example, This article was originally published on Broneager.com on [original publication date].
  • Future Publication: Your blog post submissions may be considered for inclusion in future projects e.g., books showcasing ‘best of’ articles from the blog. If your post is considered for inclusion, you will be contacted before publication to seek your consent. Additionally, by submitting your blog post, you consent for it to be used by the BronEager chatbot, enabling readers to interact with blog post content published across the blog.
  • Bio and Promotion: Include a short author bio of 50-100 words with your submission, including your university affiliation. You may include a link to your personal blog or professional website and up to two social accounts.
  • Multiple Authors: If your blog post has multiple authors, please provide details for the first author in the form below, and add additional author information in the blog post submission document.
  • Compensation: We do not offer financial compensation for article contributions. Our platform thrives on the voluntary sharing of knowledge and insights from our community of AI enthusiasts and professionals.
  • What we don’t publish: While we are passionate about discovering and sharing the vast potential of AI tools and insights, we do not currently publish posts that serve primarily as advertisements or sponsored content for companies.
    • If your company would like us to provide an unbiased review of your AI product or service, please contact us to discuss.

Our Commitment to Editorial Integrity

Broneager.com maintains a policy of editorial integrity. All content is selected or created based on its ability to inform, inspire, and engage our readership. We believe in the power of sharing knowledge and experiences that can make a real difference in how people understand and apply AI in their working lives.

If you’re passionate about AI and have insights or experiences to share that align with our guidelines, we’d love to hear from you.

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