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WEBSITE DESIGN FOR ACADEMICS presentation resources.

The resources below are from my ‘Website Design For Academics’ presentation.

If you’d like this presentation delivered at your University, contact me to discuss.

Presentation Slides.

Designed to help academics understand the foundations for creating a website. Ideal for individual blogs to larger research projects.

The presentation can be delivered online (~60 minutes) or as a half-day workshop for your university.

Contact me to discuss your training needs at bron@broneager.com


Get started on your journey towards creating a website.

  • A 44-page guide to website design for academics
  • 10 worksheets to help you plan your project
  • Advice for setting strong foundations for success
  • Tips for modern website design

The workbook is designed to help you better understand the web design process and offers a roadmap for getting your website up and running.

Website Design Guide for Academics