Westbury Tasmania Historic Village

Things to Do in Westbury Tasmania

I had the chance to spend two nights in the historic village of Westbury, Tasmania while my campervan got a much-needed overhaul to its electrical system thanks to the talented duo, Pete and Jen, from Tas Mobile Caravan Service

Westbury Tasmania is a charming little town in the heart of the Tasmanian countryside in Northern Tasmania with a distinct English village vibe and a population of just over 2,000 residents. It is located on the western tourist route, around 30 minutes from Launceston on the way to Devonport.

It’s within an easy driving distance between Launceston and Devonport via the Bass Highway which makes it a perfect location for your first or last night when in transit via the Spirit of Tasmania.

Things to do and see in Westbury Tasmania

For a small town, there are lots of tourist attractions to fill up a two-night stay in Westbury.

Here are some of my highlights:

Pearn’s Steam World

Pearn’s Steam World houses one of the biggest collections of steam engines and vintage car museum in the Southern Hemisphere. As you walk through two huge sheds and the outdoor areas you’ll step back in time and contemplate just how far we’ve come in terms of vehicle technology.

If you’re into photography, there’s no shortage of industrial machinery to point your lens at, and I’ve included some of my favourite photos from my visit at the end of this blog post.

Entry feed: Adults $10 and Children $5 – children under 5 years enter for free.

Located at 65 Meander Valley Rd, Westbury. Visit Pearn’s Steam World online

Westbury Mural

Apologies, I have no idea what the origins of this mural are, but it’s located on the side of the Kinetic building close to Pearn’s Steam World and worth a look. If you’re reading this and know the story behind this expansive mural please let me know so I can update this blog post.

The Westbury Lending Library

Perhaps the coolest example of a free library I’ve ever seen, just outside Pearn’s Steam World are four fridges, each colour coded and themed, full of free books, including a dedicated fridge bursting with books for children.

If you’re after something to read on your travels, consider grabbing a book and leaving one behind.

Westbury Maze & Tea room

The maze is a popular tourist attraction in North West Tasmania. The Westbury Maze is a large hedge maze that spans an area of more than an acre, and it features more than 2,000 beech trees that were planted in 2001. The maze is generally open to the public from September to May, and it is a popular spot for families and children. Unfortunately, when I was visiting the maze and tea rooms were closed due to staff shortages. This is understandable as almost most tourist attractions have been impacted in some way owing to the current crisis sweeping the world. Next time I’m in town I’ll be sure to get lost in the tree-lined maze. 

Westbury Maze is located at 10 Meander Valley Rd, at the entrance to the township if you’re travelling up from Launceston.

Visit Westbury Maze on Facebook

Westbury Town Hall

You’ll find the Westbury Town Hall 26 Lyall Street. During the year, the hall is home to community events and can be rented if you’re hosting a gathering. For more information visit the Meander Valley Council website.

Westbury Heritage Village – A Walk Through Town

The Westbury Heritage Village is a collection of historic buildings that have been relocated to the town centre.

Let me take you on a stroll up the street 🙂

You’ll find the Westbury Heritage Village by turning off Meander Valley Road (there’s an Ampol Service Station on the corner) and into William Street.

The street is best explored on foot, so find a car spot and take a walk with me.

As you enter William Street you’ll pass by the Westbury Fire Station and local Library.

The Westbury library has free internet, toilets, and books (of course!) as well as some comfortable chairs for reading. The library is located at 33 William Street and is open Monday to Friday.

To send your loved ones back home a postcard from your travels, visit the Westbury Post Office at 40 William Street. The building first opened in 1832 and celebrates the town’s Celtic links.

A few more steps up the road you’ll find the Crystal and Gem Workshop at 43 William Street, which is run by the talented Jackie Ribbons who crafts talismans from precious stones. The store is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10 am – 4 pm (although always check in case opening times change).

Other places to add to your list when in the Westbury Heritage Village zone include Once Upon a Time Collectables, packed full of old-world treasures. A classic example of a store full of once-loved treasures. Because I’m lacking storage space in my van I had to resist purchasing a vintage typewriter and exerted considerable willpower to make it out without a vintage biscuit tin (maybe next time!) Once upon a Time Collectibles is located at 49 William Street.

Lastly, if you’ve been travelling around Tassie in a campervan, there’s a good chance your hair might be a prime candidate for a cut and pamper. The local salon is Hair Now and is located at 55 William Street.

When you get to the end of the historic village precinct, there’s no reason to stop. The town is full of interesting architecture, charming houses, and the Westbury village green – all worth exploring and perfect for a photo walk to take some pictures of the local architecture.

According to TasGuide, the Meander Valley Council area of Westbury used to be the largest military community in Tasmania. Which may explain some of the grander buildings in town.

While located outside the historic William St precinct, another shop of note to add to your itinerary is Little Marney’s.

Little Marney’s

While you’re probably not going to purchase a gigantic metal artwork if you’re travelling around Tasmania in a campervan (seriously, where would it fit in your van?), it’s well worth a stroll around Little Marney’s outdoor art gallery full of metal sculptural works by local craftspeople.

They are open 9 am – 4 pm Wednesday to Sunday and are located at 23 Marriott Street, Westbury, which is off Meander Valley Road.

Visit Little Marney’s Facebook page to check out some of the works on display.

Where can I find food and drink?

With all that shopping you’re likely to work up an appetite. Here are some options for food and drink I found on my journey.

Cafe Verde

Thanks to the staff at Verde, I was able to get a much-needed cup of coffee to warm my fingers (it was minus 4 degrees that morning!!) and a vegetarian Turkish roll to keep me powering through the day. Both were delicious. Verde also sells a range of gluten-free treats and the staff is welcoming.

Verde is located next to Westbury True Value Hardware at 62a Meander Valley Rd, Westbury.

Hub Cafe

Hub Cafe is located at 43 Meander Valley Road, Westbury, and offers everything you’d expect – breakfast, lunch, coffee, and treats.

Homemade brownies should probably be added to your list of things to try when visiting Westbury!

Visit them on Facebook for more info.

White House Bakery

This bakery is a popular cafe and wood-fired bakery in the town of Westbury, Tasmania. It houses a 130-year-old wood-fired oven (!) to produce its delights. It is open for breakfast and lunch, and it offers a variety of freshly-baked goods. Unfortunately for me, they are closed over winter, but in warmer months the cafe is a go-to place for custard tarts and bakery goodies.

Visit White House Bakery on Facebook

Westbury Hotel

It seems like every town in Tassie has a country hotel-style pub, and the Westbury Hotel is this town’s local offering. They serve country pub meals and accommodation.

Visit https://westburyhotel.business.site/ for more information.

Western Tiers Distillery

Not far from Pearn’s Steam World, you’ll find Western Tiers Distillery where you can indulge in a gin, poitín, or vodka or take a tour and meet their distillers. Tours are run Monday through Sunday at 2 pm (although always check their website to double check).

They sell gift packs which make great presents (if they make it back home before you drink them yourself!)

To learn more visit Western Tiers Distillery’s website.


To stock up your fridge and pantry for your road trip, stop off at the local IGA supermarket.

It’s located at 45 Meander Valley Road, and open 7-days per week.

They have a great selection and friendly staff.

To check out their stock, visit https://igawestbury.com.au/ 

Accommodation in Westbury Tasmania

Westbury is a classified historic town and this is reflected in the heritage buildings you can find around town.

My two picks for accommodation in Westbury Tasmania are the Gingerbread Cottages and Fitzpatrick’s Inn.

Gingerbread Cottages

During my visit to Westbury, I stayed at the Gingerbread Cottages along the tree-lined streets on Williams Rd. My home was a one-storey brick house full of old-world charm and nick-nacks that the owners had collected over the years and styled in such a way that you feel like you’ve stepped back in time (but with a laptop and wifi to remind you it’s not the eighteen hundreds).

Very thankfully, the cottage has a fireplace and an electric blanket (I think I mentioned it got to minus 4 degrees during my stay) and a high-quality bed. They have a breakfast style menu, which I didn’t opt for as I’m a coffee (black, no sugar) kind of girl in the morning, but I did get a serving of cake delivered for free (unexpected) each day – what’s not to love about that!

There are several cottages available and each sits along the tree-lined William Street, right in the centre of town. 

If you’re working on the road, which I was during my stay, there’s a decent-sized wooden table that works perfectly as a desk and wifi is included in the price.

The accommodation providers are super lovely and let me have a late check-out while I waited for my van to be ready for collection. Hugely appreciated.

Gingerbread Cottages are located at 52 William Street, Westbury. Visit their website for more information and to book your stay.

If I come back to Westbury and need a roof over my head I’ll definitely be staying here again 🙂

Fitzpatrick’s Inn

My other pick in Westbury for a place to stay is the fully restored colonial inn style accommodation Fitzpatrick’s Inn. They advertise rooms with ensuites for individuals and can cater to groups, including weddings.

The Inn is located at 56 Meander Valley Rd, Westbury.

Visit Fitzpatricks’ Inn website for more details.

Festivals & Events

St Patrick’s Festival

If you’re in town at the right time, you might catch the St Patricks Festival and street parade at the Village Green. For more information visit the Westbury St Patrick’s Festival Facebook page.

Westbury Show

Claiming to be Tasmania’s third-oldest agricultural show, it’s run annually – check out the Westbury Show website for more details.

Health Services

Westbury Medical Centre

The Westbury Medical Centre is a medical centre in the town of Westbury, Tasmania. It is open from Monday to Friday, and it offers a variety of medical services.

Westbury Pharmacy

The Westbury Pharmacy is a pharmacy in the town of Westbury, Tasmania. It is open from Monday to Friday, and it offers a variety of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Petrol Station

To fill up your fuel tank, there is the Ampol service station located at the corner of Meander Valley Road and William Street. 

Local schools

The local primary school is located on Taylor Street.

Where can I find public toilets?

In addition to local restaurants and the local library, public toilets can be found at 26 Franklin Street at the Westbury Recreation Ground.

The picture below is not representative of the local facilities, but I found it at Pearn’s Steam World – a historic example of a chemical toilet. How far we’ve come!

If you’re ever stuck for a place to go to the bathroom, there’s a website with all the public toilets in Australia called the ‘National Public Toilet Map’. Have to say that I am pretty impressed that someone put that website together as it’s super useful when travelling. Check it out at National Public Toilet Map online.

Where can I find water to refill my water tank?

Water is available at Lonsdale Promenade Park. The area also features tables, bins, barbecues and a playground.

To find water on my travels, I always use the WikiCamps app

That’s a wrap

I found Westbury Tasmania to be the kind of place where the local community smiles at you as you pass them on the street and says ‘hi’, and you’re likely to see a pony or two relaxing in a paddock. A cute place to visit when in Tasmania.

My highlight of the trip – apart from the van renovations which now mean I can stay on the road working for longer – was the cute Gingerbread Cottage where I stayed as well as my visit to Pearn’s Steam World.

Westbury remains a cute place to visit and worth the trip to explore its historical links with the history of Tasmania.

Bonus: Photo Walk Challenge

Letterbox challenge

I’m a bit of a sucker for custom-designed letterboxes and Westbury didn’t disappoint when it came to its originality and flair for receiving its mail.

My favourite was this campervan-styled treat. 

My favourite photos from Pearn’s Steam World

If you’ll indulge me a little, below are some of my favourite pictures I took while at Pearn’s Steam World. Before pulling out my camera I asked the owner if he minded if I took photos and he said ‘take as many as you want!’.

I think I left after around 200 clicks 🙂

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