Digital Skills Workshops For Academics

FREE ONLINE SESSIONS – Learn about digital tools and how they can help you build your research career 🙂

2023 Online Workshop Program

Start time: All sessions start at 7 pm (Melbourne, Australia time).
Session length: ~60 minutes (30-minute introduction/demonstration of the digital tool, followed by 30-minutes Q&A).
How to attend: A Zoom link will be emailed to everyone who’s signed up for my email newsletter. Not signed up yet? No problem, to receive your invitation to attend simply fill in the form below.
Are these workshops right for you? Sessions are introductory in nature and are designed for academics with no/little prior knowledge.
Cost: FREE – Why free? Because I wish I’d known about these tools when I started out on my academic journey. Life could have been so much easier, and far more productive. I’m now on a mission to share them with anyone who’ll listen 🙂

DateWorkshops Available in 2023
February 7 Website Design 101 – Getting yourself, and your research projects, online
March 7Building a Second Brain using Obsidian software and the Zettelkasten note-taking method
April 4Write academic papers with Scrivener – A writing software like no other!
May 2Writing with AI – Use Jasper AI to write for you (well, kind of) and issues of academic integrity
June 6Writing web content that ranks on Google – Learn about search engine optimisation (SEO) tools
July 4Use Canva to create compelling presentation slides
August 1Use Notion to organise your publishing pipeline and manage projects
September 5Why Zotero is my favourite reference management software – let’s explore!
October 3The whiteboard that never ends – Introduction to Miro software and team collaboration tool

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Workshops for Your University

I’m available to deliver researcher development training to Universities across Australia. Customisable training modules include:

2-3 hr sessions – use my Website Design Guide for Academics to create the building blocks of a website for showcasing you as a researcher, and/or your research project.

1/2 day – 2-day sessions – Bring an idea for a website to life by learning how to build a functioning website with WordPress and/or Squarespace website builders.

As the productivity guru, David Allen, famously said “Your brain is for having ideas, not for holding them”.

Discover how to build a knowledge base for remembering every academic paper you read.

Learn to take effective notes using a simple, yet powerful, free software tool.

Scrivener was designed by a PhD student to aid in the production of long-form writing projects.

Scrivener helps you to conceptualise, organise, and advance your writing projects and is celebrated by academics, non-fiction and fiction authors, and screenwriters from across the globe.

Learn how Scrivener can accelerate your writing outputs.